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Test Drive Unlimited [RIP]
Pavadinimas:Test Drive Unlimited [RIP]
Info Hash:97f5be115e6dfb21588cfa10f1f9a3a83512eded
Aprašymas:Pavadinimas: Test Drive Unlimited
Išleidimo metai: 2007
Žanras: Street Racing
Kalba: ENG

Siužetas: You start by picking a basic character model to represent yourself, and you're whisked away to fabulous Hawaii to buy a car and a house, do a lot of random racing, and drive hitchhikers and models around the island for some reason. That's about all there is to the premise. While it's not shocking that a racing game wouldn't have a major, in-depth storyline, the way the game introduces itself and the open-ended nature of the game world give you the impression that there might be some kind of plot to tie everything you do together. There isn't. The lack of a cohesive thread to the missions and races does make Test Drive seem a bit pointless, but after a while, you cease to care and find yourself oddly engaged by this scattershot series of objectives. It helps that there is quite a lot to do on the island. The objectives themselves don't extend beyond races, time trials, speed challenges, and some basic delivery missions, but there are enough of them to keep you going as you explore the massive island of Oahu.

The way the game forces you to explore is clever. You start out with only a few available mission icons on the huge world map, but as time goes on, you'll see more and more begin to pop up across the entire stretch of the island. If you happen to have driven through a road where an objective resides, you can simply click on that icon on the map and be instantly transported there. But if an icon appears on a road you've never driven on before, you have to drive there to access it. What this does is force you to cruise through just about every nook and cranny of Oahu without being overly pushy about it. There's often more than enough races and missions available at any given time, so if you don't feel like driving halfway across the island to see something new, you won't necessarily be hurting for things to do right where you already are.

It's just too bad there's not more variety to what you end up doing. Races are fairly typical street races, with up to seven opponent drivers and a number of checkpoints scattered throughout a course. There's a huge roster of them to take part in on various roads that range from hairpin-filled hill climbs to straight-and-narrow city races. There's also the time trials, as well as the speed challenges, which task you either with driving a set speed past a number of speed traps laid about a course, or simply reaching a designated speed within a set amount of time. The missions are more repetitive, which come in only a few set categories. You'll either find yourself delivering illicit packages for seedy individuals, delivering some of the game's more expensive rides to dealerships and mechanics, delivering hitchhikers to their desired destinations, or delivering high-strung models to their homes after a long day of shopping. Basically, you're a delivery service no matter how you look at it, and the only variances are in what you're delivering, and occasionally what kind of car you're driving. Fortunately, the various races and challenges are quite a bit more compelling than these missions. However, you don't earn nearly as much cash just sticking to the races, so you'll likely be inspired to 

Instaliavimo instrukcijos:
1. Unrar TDU.7z with latest winrar
2. Start with TestDriveUnlimited.exe
3. Happy gaming!

Minimalūs sisteminiai reikalavimai:
Operacinė sistema:Windows 2000/XP/Vista
Procesorius:Intel P4 @ 2.4 GHz or AMD Athlon 2800+
Atmintis (RAM): 512 MB, 1 GB recommended
Video plokštė:ATI Radeon 9800 256MB VRAM or Nvidia 6600 GT with 256 MB of VRAM.
Аudio plokštė: DirectX 9.0 compatible Sound Card. 
Laisvos vietos HDD: 8 GB 


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Pažiurėjo: 1780 | Parsisiuntė: 190 | Vertinimas: 3.0/2
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